e specialize in contract manufacturing, excelling in the food manufacturing process covering Roasting, Seasoning, Pillow Packaging, and Popping for our clients.

Our quality control measures meet industry standards with a prime focus on high quality and hygiene.

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The process of roasting brings out a whole new side to snacks.

The taste, aroma and texture of the snacks are enhanced without the addition of fats, as the ingredients bring out their own natural flavours during roasting.

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Who doesn’t love a little salt, spice, and everything nice?

We make snacks taste good on their own. But we do add a little love with a tasty sprinkling of seasoning to take your tastebuds on an adventure.

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Traditional potato chips were thinly sliced and deep fried.

With popped chips, our cutting-edge tech machinery cooks the potatoes at the perfect temperature, without any oil and unnecessary additives.

*DISCLAIMER: We are currently not undertaking any new manufacturing projects for the 'Popped Products'. 

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Our packaging seals in the freshness for all kinds of snacks.

So that whenever you tear open a bag of our packaging, you are guaranteed quality, hygiene, and utter snacking goodness! 

Minimum human intervention and automated processes for packaging.

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