Snack and Ladder

It's Always Snack Time!

We are leading the revolution for today's professional snackers, so when it comes to your favourite daily activity - SNACKING, why not choose the better, healthier alternative, and swap those deep-fried goodies with technology-driven snacks for that sublime Snack-Time Experience?


ur healthy snacks on the go are curated to be enjoyed by snackers of all ages, with our convenient packaging you can take our snacks with you wherever you go. We do not compromise on taste, always leaving you satiated and craving for another handful.

With Snack and Ladder, our calorie-light snacks have just trace amounts of oil with 100% taste. So every time you tear open a Snack and Ladder's pack, you’re guaranteed fresh, tasty and healthy snacks.

Believes in Wellness

We’re a brand that believes in Healthy and Nutritious snacking that fuels adventurous hearts and minds.

For those with a penchant for timepass snacking without any of the guilt and all of the fun,

We Got You!

Why Choose Us 

Help you snack better on a budget

Snack and Ladder brings to you the experience of healthy snacking without compromising on taste or your pockets.

For the never-ending love for snacking!

  • Healthy is not Premium. 

  • Healthy is for Everyone​.